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Kendriya Vidyalaya TFRI , Jabalpur
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Work hard not for medals,
But to save yourself from
Getting pedalled.
Study not for ranks
But not to land up with cranks
These are the years
When we must study.
So that later you don’t have to ask
For a favour from a buddy!
Never delay things
If you want to live like kings
Come to satya,
You ought to work now
For later you don’t know how
And what predicament may fall
Causing your downfall.

 A vision for India-SANKALP SHRIVASTAVA - X

Our former president, Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, gave a vision for India at the time of assuming his office which when put into practice will make India the best nation in the world.
He said that the main aim of our people should be to empower the people below the poverty line, make them healthy and give them education. He felt that the important elements, which constitute a nation are being disease free, wealthy, high productivity, harmonious living and strong defence.He said that all our efforts should be focused on building these five elements at various levels in a coherent and integrated manner.
After outlining these elements, our former president said that we should have a nationwide movement to transformIndia into a well developed country and the action should start immediately. He also opined that our parliamentary system of democracy along with the structure of our constitution has stood the test of time, hence should be upheld without fear or favor combined--He concluded by saying that if we work with ignited minds, the transformation leading to birth of a vibrant developed India will happen.

 Drawing Competition Primary Group Class I to V

First Prize Winner:-
Class I :- Ishant
Class II ,III:- Yashika Maravi ; Shrishti Majhi [Bhabha]
Class IV , V:- Aman Tiwari [Bhabha]

 Drawing Competition Secondary Group Class VI to X

First Prize Winner:-
Class VI, VII, VIII :- Khushi Shripal
Class IX & X :- Anushka Mishra

 Calligraphy Competition for Primary Classes ( I To V )

First Prize Winner:-

Class IV:- Tanya Shreepal

 Calligraphy Competition for Secondary Classes ( VI To X )

First Prize Winner:-
Class VIII:- Jatin Mehra